Sunday, February 20, 2011

X-Com Complete- Naruto Decapitating Knife Begins

Heya.  UFO/Enemy Unknown/X-Com Stunrod is complete.  As usual, I learned a great deal from this project.  There are always new challenges and puzzles to solve, which in turn makes every new project a little easier.  Thanks to P on this one for helping to hold the project together while the Post dropped the ball, then claimed there was no ball.  Then again, that's what an X-Com Soldier does.  Looking forward to some better studio pics of this piece, and then better yet- the soldier himself suited up and ready to zap some aliens at the next con!  Below are shots from the final prime, the silver base, and airbrush and clear up to handle wrapping.  

SO.  On to the next project- the Decapitating Knife for a Naruto cosplay.  And now- Guatemalan coffee.  Then- clean up the shop, start reviewing ideas and measurements for the DK, yada yada- I'm listing again.  Be good to you.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kingdom Heart's, X-COM, Naruto- take your pick!


The cold weather has all but shut the shop down for the last two weeks.  It's frustrating, but warmer weather is on the way this weekend! Looking forward to wrapping up some final work on the UFO Stunrod.  By then my birch  order should be in, and I can get a load of materials needed for finishing the current and next project!

Just got this pic from a cosplayer wielding Oblivion from several projects back.    More pics promised with both Kingdom Heart's Oathkeeper and Oblivion from an upcoming con in April.  Can't wait.

Wish me luck on weather.

Be good to you.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

UFO Enemy Unknown Stunrod/Back to Work, Proppy!


Overwhelmed with requests in the last few weeks.  I managed to wrest control over my inbox this morning, which means you've all gotten your responses!  Now I can relax, right?  Nooo.  But it's Superbowl Sundaaaaay!  Too bad, Proppy- back to work.  Fine.  ;)

Back to the shop after this post to continue bodywork and prime, bodywork and prime.  Getting close to real paint and clear time, P!  Then a good wrap for the handle and it's time to capture some aliens.

Thanks for all your interest and trust- I'm aimed at helping you to make the best of your cosplay experience.  Be good to you.