Friday, April 8, 2011

Mass Effect 2- Hey! I'm Awake!

Heya!  I'm awake!  Even I can hardly believe it!  So much change around the shop here lately that it nearly put me under.  New demanding job, graveyard shifting, managing multiple projects on the side, and then catching the first cold I've had in years- gah!  But I'm on the up-swing- feeling better, projects ticking off one by one, and looking forward to getting back into the shop tonight to continue building the World's Biggest Box for the DKnife, and getting a real bite into the Mass Effect 2 Incisor.

Had a hell of a time with the M29 template- just never have these kinds of difficulties with the freaking template!  Can't wait to get blocked out and carving- hello weekend.  Lol.

Many thanks to the folks I've had the pleasure to pass all these e-mails with.  Funny, how a single e-mail turns into a conversation.  I'm glad to have traded thoughts and ideas.  It's your day- kick ass.  

Also been thinking mucho about how much of my own artwork has been produced in the lately- um, like nill.  I've been so busy with props and other folk's wonderful stuff that I've neglected me own work- it's time to carve out some space to get to it.  I feel an unbottling, which is always cool!  It's that moment when you're laughing hysterically before you throw up and realize- that shape needs a black outline.  ;)
Be good to you.