Sunday, March 20, 2011

Potential to Decapitate- Naruto Comes to Life

Potential to decapitate- check.  Naruto comes to life as airbrushing begins.  I expect to finish this mid-week, with another side to paint, a zig-zag pattern to create on the backside, and multiple coats of clear.  This was a fun project full of engineering goodness!  It turned out strong, light, and life-threatening- just the way we want 'em!  We're almost home!

Next up I'm leaping into the M29/Incisor Sniper Rifle from Mass Effect 2, which I'm looking forward to as I'm slowly working my way through ME2.  First step will be multiple templates and depth mapping, then a whole load of sawdust.  I'm on it. 

Beyond that, project activity is at an all-time high- making this the most productive year ever.  Thanks! You've kept me busy doing what I love, and with the result benefiting what you love- well, that's just primo. 

Plenty of folks asking for props, as well as advice and opinions on personal builds.  Keep it up!  Don't be afraid to fail!  It's the path to success.  You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!
Be good to you.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Naruto meets Mass Effect 2

Heya.  Crazy busy round here as usual!  Lol.  Thanks again to P for partnering with me on the X-Com Stunrod.  We had an awesome time working together, and it's always nice when you click with someone  :)

The Naruto Decapitating Knife is progressing nicely, moving from paper template to rough cutting, to shaping and construction.  Bowling through this one at a mad pace and feeling good about it.  Working out the design to create a sturdy prop of this size has been the challenge, and I'm very pleased with the results.  We're keeping the edges rounded to appease con-safety rules.  A sanded edge drops it just enough to bring out the detail, and a nicely placed airbrushing will make it POP.

Next up is the Mass Effect2 M29 Sniper Rifle.  Can't wait to start on this one- or see the full cosplay for that matter, as the prop will be coupled with a full set of Garrus armor from  Check it out! 

I just started playing Mass Effect2 myself, under the billing from a friend that it was 'better than Uncharted2'.  Seemed like a tall order as I've played UC2 on crushing multiple times and just can't seem to get enough of Drake and company.  I'm just scratching the surface of the game, but like the feel.  The playability and ease with which I'm getting familiar with the controls seems to promise a good deal of fun, and the story seems solid so far.  When those who've read a book, seen a movie, or played a game before you, look at you with omg-envy for approaching a work the first time around, it's a good sign.  This is Shepard, out.
Be good to you.