Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day is Not a Choice

There's been a load of posts across Facebook about Memorial Day. Thanks for your intention. 

I usually find that I think about it as little as possible.  It's with us most every day, as I imagine it is with all veterans.  Maybe they're doing what we are, just trying not to look at it again.

My Father's life culminated in a participation in history.  He volunteered for Service he could have passed on. I was on the way.
Six months after my birth, he would also be on his way to whatever is next. 

Make no mistake, we are proud of his efforts, his intentions, and are aware of his Service while I Sit in a peaceful, largely safe backyard, grilling, thinking about my fam, and drinking Beer. Thank You. 

Honor them.  Seek peace in every interaction with your fellow planeteers.

Be Good to You,

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