Friday, November 5, 2010

UFO Enemy Unknown Cosplay

Heya.  Been quiet here in the shop but for sweeping and moving things around, getting ready for winter and new projects.  The last several months have been exhausting, and after a brief rest I think we're getting ready to roll again.  Kazuma is shifting to another time slot at least...  'Halllloooo?' while the Stun Rod from UFO Enemy Unknown takes its place.

The shop's all insulated and sealed up against the winter wind that ate me alive last year, so here's hoping for warmer climes inside!

 Many thanks to the cosplay model TOKO for letting me use her image for the new ad.

The Chicken Ranch sign will come along shortly as well.  The break was much needed, even though I'm still madmanning and researching upcoming projects.
I'm out!  Off to lunch with friends for the first time in weeks!
Be good to you!


  1. Can't wait! This is a great and enduring game!