Friday, November 12, 2010

Cosplayer Review: TOKO

I run across many awesome artists, cosplayers, prop builders, as well as other fantastic folk that I feel compelled to share.  Many of them spend countless hours crafting costumes, props, and art.  They post them on their various sites and then sweep up, observe their lessened bank accounts and go through their day only to return with some new hair-brained idea that sends them scouring the net for a new prop tutorial, or maybe a fabric they've never heard of. And the cycle continues.
Most cosplayers are filled with joy, and as a consequence are fearless in their own way. They laugh. They dream. TOKO is the epitome of this.

Living and working out of Canada, TOKO crafts cosplays focused in the Kingdom Hearts genre, from Riku, to Axel (including a Halloween Axel), Aqua from Birth by Sleep, and more. 

TOKO spends most of her online time these days at Deviant Art, but you can also find her on as well. I always look forward to seeing what she's up to. Whether it's a new prop she's spent hours cutting and sanding, a wig that's been getting her attention, or pics from a con or cosplay picnic, she never fails to interest, inspire, and most importantly share. I could go on about TOKO as a cosplayer and person, but my advice- go check her out yourself, and take note. Emulate. Go have a laugh. Go make something. Share who you are today- it's all you really have.
Be good to you.

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