Wednesday, January 26, 2011

UFO/Enemy Unknown Stunrod- Steady As She Goes

Progress on the UFO/Enemy Unknown Stunrod.  The more I carve in wood the more I love it- just a fantastic medium.  Here's where I'm at right now.  Starting to really take shape.  Still plenty to do in the way of shaping and really digging in to the design, which will really bring it out.  Hoping to see that today.  Keep an eye on the photostream.
Looking like next up will be squeezing in a Decapitating Knife for a Naruto Suigetsu Hozuki cosplay.  What a huge...  knife?  Should be fun.
What's up right now?  The need for coffee- home-roasted Kenyan AA- oh, the coffee-snob in me.  :)  Then heater on in the shop, ipod, sawdust and cosplay goodness.  Be good to you.

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