Monday, October 18, 2010

And then came Jellyroll Morton

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And then came Jellyroll Morton

The kid is making Halloween cupcakes, and we are listening to the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. I know. We always talked as though we’d grow old as friends together, watching the kids play, barbecuing in the backyard, watching football and drinking some brewskies. Honest, I won’t say it again. What we’re doing is a little different- a little less fifties mindfuck.

ODJB was a New Orleans, Dixieland Jazz band that made the first Jazz recordings early in 1917, their ‘Livery Stable Blues’ became the first issued Jazz single.

Livery Stable Blues sounds like joyful effort, like a drunk digging a bottle out from a hidey-hole, moves through an undeniable funeral dirge, and then life moves on.

What we are doing, is clipping coupons, triumphing where we can, taking new stock of things, and seeing neighbors for the first or second time. I’ve started to notice who’s home in the day. My wife’s former work called it an RIF- a Reduction in Force. How nice.

Segueing, stumbling into Original Dixieland One Step, which sounds a little more lost- We’ve no idea where we’re headed, but anything other than motion is not on the drop down menu. Just keep moving, Jurgis- I will try harder. There's no alternative. This didn't happen fast, and it won't end fast or easy. Pretend you're tough- you're going to need it.

It’s time to make cupcakes. Kids start, we often finish, or at the very least supervise.

Throw your sandals at the door- it is still time for dinner.

Last song for you.

“You coming?

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