Monday, October 18, 2010

Star-Bellied Sneetch, Oathkeeper, Stars on Ours

Sunday, August 22, 2010
Heya. I've been waiting to give this update until the Oathkeeper mold had cured. So. From charms in the making and the hairy mess of uncut edges, to model encased in frp, cradle/support built, cured, removed from mold in one piece! (first ever), a detail shot from the heart-end, the two mold halves in first clean up stage, and then the blank for Oblivion that I will drop a grinder to just as soon as I'm done here! Busy, busy, busy!

Beyond that, the new blogpage is in process, and will look great. I can't wait. Many thanks to artist and designer Craig Micheal Patrick for the great look and feel.

Also many thanks to all the people who left such great feedback on my cosplay market profile! Now I know what the little stars are for! Lol, you put stars on ours! I'll feel like a Star-Bellied Sneetch all day now.

Okay, I'm out! Be good to you.

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