Thursday, October 21, 2010

Html learning Curves, Secret Projects, Heya, Neighbor!

Heya.  The last few days have been busy.  Chicken Ranch templates finished and ready, along with a gift for a friend that I'll not mention in case he happens here.  :)  I have this tiny window for Halloween, which I'm really grateful for.  Here I am, Halloween freak that I am, with no decorations, no yard haunt, nada.  Sigh.  But I'll amend that today!  At least that's the plan.  So I'm up and at em early as usual, trying to figure exactly what I want to do this year round the house and for our annual bash.  Ideas are welcome if you've done something particularly cool and worth crowing about, or just tell me what's to be feared in your neck of the woods.
Oh, yeah.  You'll also notice that most of the posts have lost their pics, which to begin with I attributed to my learning curve with html, but gladly (?) it wasn't me, but some other silly tech fault on the other end.  I'll be going back to replace them in short order.  Show me your work!  And say hello, Fairfield!  We're neighbors!
Be good to you.

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