Monday, October 18, 2010

Buster Cleveland Thinks about World Events... Snark.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Okay. Has it been that long? Enough to warrant someone saying so. K.

Shop's been rearranged to create more open space, and will go through one more change just as it starts to cool. There are no soffits on the shopside, allowing the winter wind to whip right in. Made for some very cold days in the shop. You can turn on a heater, but every time you turn on the exhaust or run an icy air tool, any heat is a chilly memory. So. My thought is to close up the soffits with scrap foam- cuz I got plenty, and to then use the mass brick I have to create a heat what? Shield? Nah. Sure there's a name for it but who cares? Is that passive heat? I think so. I'm going to open up a space along the wall to insulate with foam, floor and wall- and then stack brick around a fireplace sized or smaller area where I can insert the heater and heat the brick and hopefully increase the overall warmth for this winter. I know, but as Carlin said- These are the things I think about when no one is home and the television is broken.

Thanks to my girl, who helped me put together a physical portfolio of my work, broken into sections of sculpture, cosplay, and painting. Even after years of steadily creating, it sometimes feels like there's a very small body of work. Seeing them presented well and all together changes that. :)

Out in the shop (which needs a name, I think) I'm doing odd concrete pieces, including the soon to start Suess light. It reminds me of something Suess-like- a large, free standing curly-cue figure with a bare, quilted blue bulb dangling in the center. I know- It's a big free standing lamp.

Also in process of painting a tabletop for the backyard. Doing some odd repairs on a statue of an Iroquois man.

Several of you have asked for custom paintings for both vehicle and home- very cool, and I'm pleased you've chosen me for the projects. It's funny how the wheels turn slow, but they do turn.

Also requested are stepping stones, a dog faced gargoyle, and a pool-side sculpture to replace an existing stand that is home to the pool care accessories. Yeah... me neither- yet. We'll come up with something.

Beyond that I'm gearing up to put at least two of the novels up on Amazon, with a few odd shorts and collections of essays and poetry after.

Further out, but closing in are long time ideas for another historical novel, based on a rather little known hero of the Underground Railroad- kind of a Mad Max guy who lived a life of violence in the name of others freedom. It ended with mixed results.
Beside that I have in mind to do a book on my method(s) on building fiberglass, foam, and wood cosplay props.

On scaring a sleeping dog: try not to.
It's easy- walk as you normally would and chart a path around them. There is a high chance that they will start at your proximity, leaping up and relocating to the formerly safe spot for you to place your foot. Now tighten your core muscle groups and lean away from your momentum. Wave your arms and say SHIT! no matter who's present and then really scare the dog by yelling and wagging your finger. Works like a charm.

Periscope down.
Be good to you.

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