Monday, October 18, 2010

Wildlife and Woodcarving from the Miami Valley to Revolutionary Girl Utena

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hands up, who's tired?

Okay. Hands up! Who's tired? Looong day today. Ran an easy eleven miles along the river this morning. Beautiful day here in the Miami Valley. Discovered a large (Hopwell?) lookout mound I never knew was there. Saw several turkey scooting across the trail and into the woods. Usually I just see the hens, but today there was a Tom among them. They were fifty feet away, and by the time we arrived where they were... nothing.

From there straight into the shop to work on the Sword of Dios, which is coming along just fine.

Several pieces and bits of detail to be added yet, including a filigree/handle wrap that vaguely resembles rose canes and thorns. I thought perhaps to use a more realistic rose leaf pattern, but as usual- unless asked it's best to stay with the reference. So now it's nit pick bodywork while I build the rose-butt piece and other details, add them and resin over the handle detail. Then paint paint paint!

While waiting for bondo to dry I cleaned up the backyard- finally- cutting last year's dead from bushes, shrubs, and grasses. I have a huge mound to burn now. Wow, and just like that I run out of gas. Hands up! Who's tired? That would be me. Be good to you.

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