Monday, October 18, 2010

Fresh Breeze from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Monday, March 1, 2010


Heya. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, from Z to my fam and friends who support and encourage me. Fresh Breeze, from Kingdom Hearts, Birth by Sleep. Go be Ventus, you, and send pics! Forgot to take pictures of the rose for the Sword of Dios- I'll get to that. I'm way ahead of schedule on that one, which I'll take!

Running is going well, if only the snow would vacate. The Sportband from nike helped mucho. Last week did a three mile trail run in the snow that felt like five. Well, let's face it- I have zero skill at judging distance. Ran it again yesterday with the sportband and it wasn't three- it was seven and a quarter. Uh, huh. XP What do you do? So I can feel good about it right? Good.

Listening to the Steeldrivers- terribly hillbilly. Thanks, Rick.

I think the repair man's found a simpler than expected fix for the dryer- thanks to Kevin, of George's Appliances. If you're in the area and would like to hold on to your $- Call George's.

Heading off to watch some Samurai Jack and eat dinner with the boy. Be good to you.

Over and out.

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