Monday, October 18, 2010

Spiders with Ketchup/Santa Clause/spiders

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spiders with Ketchup

First off, two new molds from the shop. M-i-c-k-e-y, and Santa's Belt buckle. It's cold out there, and I'm glad I'm not scheduled to work this morning. Virtually everything gets put on hold for a few days this time of year, but all project are complete and on time. Low-stress cheer- woo-hoo! I have bats to make for the swarm, tombstones to carve, spiders to animate- speaking of spiders...

Last night my eleven year old woke from a nightmare about being bitten by a Black Widow. This, of course, did not help.

I'm driving to an appointment yesterday where I can't really be late, and I'm running late. Fantastic. But manageable. You know where you can pick up a little time, slide beneath a yellow light....

Scuttling along the river, I reach down to look at the file folder in the passenger seat, checking once more to ensure that I have all the proper paperwork, and there are all these tiny black specks on the folder. When my hand touches down all the pepper grounds erupt into the air, most of them landing on my hand, and then crawling around in great Halloween form. I snatch my hand away, neurons firing overtime, but have also connected with the hatching spiders web, and drag the larger part of 100 tiny spiders onto the back of my hand. Really? ALL of my more colorful language spurts out- pritty. Now I am one wheel off the road, up, and onto the curb, thinking May-be, I'll take a swim. Back onto the road, and the car behind is giving me plenty of space as I drift inside my lane while trying to smash the multitude of amazingly resilient spiders in the passenger seat, on my folder, and I fear- in my hat.

At the next light I turn predator, and ignoring the glare from the car behind me, terminate every little bastard I can find. I am way prepped for my meeting now. I should be alert, reactionary, and possibly have tiny spiders crawling out of my hat. I really get into the season, I'll say. Have one. They're good on french fries. With ketchup.

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