Monday, October 18, 2010

On the Road with Fresh Breeze, Sword of Dios, Game of Death (not by Milton Bradley), and Way to Dawn.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Heya! What's first? Haven't heard from Z yet, but Fresh Breeze shows delivered and signed for by the enigmatic Z.

So today was freaking beautiful! I am SO tired of all the snow and ice. I'm normally the freak saying' I love winter', much to the baleful glares around me, but this year I've had enough. I give I give I give. Last run was brutal- just like the past few months- ice- snow- mud, and the nagging idea that there's hot cocoa at home- and you're here- x miles out. Soon we'll be flying down the trail, packing in miles like the mileage whores we are.

What's next? Well seed packets and garden porn, of course. Oh, in the shop, you mean? Next up is the Sword of Dios. from Revolutionary Girl- Utena wielding, of course, for A. Here's the first glimpse of the rose sculpting that will become the decorative butt-piece for the sword.
Rough now, but I had to start somewhere, yes? Template tomorrow, layout and cutting, etc. etc. ad nauseum, paint and clear clear clear. It should look like this, pretty girl not included.

Billsham's Game of Death bike after that. We're going all yellow and black striped. For those unfamiliar with Bruce Lee geekery it's the same theme (borrowed) as the suit Uma wore in Kill Bill. Oh, yeah....

Beyond that we'll revisit the Way to Dawn for M, cause it's so cool.

Only thing I see after that is the Rt. 66/Kerouac mural. Which will involve scaling a smaller version and painting to see how I feel about it. If all is well- and it usually is- then we'll go for the larger mural version. Beyond and before that is pasta- which is ready. My ninja-like reflexes saved it earlier- so now it's time eat. Be good to you. Radio Caroline is playing some really weird shit tonight, I must say. :)

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