Monday, October 18, 2010

You may now squeal with delight/Buster Cleveland Props

Monday, August 9, 2010

Heya. This is all YOUR fault! Thank you. :) What started as a seemingly harmless obsession over Halloween has blossomed over the years into Buster Cleveland Props. Thanks to your response it's time to move from the yard sale of a blog, and give you a sleeker, sexier experience when you visit. I'm making every effort to amp the quality of your experience with Buster Cleveland on all fronts- from the first time you lay lustful eyes on past creations, to following your props progress on the blog site, to the moment when Santa (otherwise known as the UPS man) delivers to your door. You may now squeal with delight. XD We'll be moving to a new address, so update your bookmarks for the new Buster Cleveland.

Be who you want. I'll help.

Back to Roxas, Oathkeeper and Oblivion. I'm really enjoying Oathkeeper, and looking forward to Oblivion. Long days in the shop are pushing things ahead quickly. That way I can still say yes to those of you gearing up for the busy cosplay year ahead! The teary eyes and quivering lip really gets me. ;)

Side B of Oathkeeper, from layout to first prime follows....

A few details to work out, and then bodywork, bodywork, bodywork. Whew. Still a way to go, but Oblivion is shortly to begin. That's it for the moment! More to come soon, including the new site! Thanks again for choosing me for your projects!
Be good to you.

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