Monday, October 18, 2010

Sword of Dios gets it's start

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today's special- Sawdust. The Sword of Dios is rolling along and I'm making quite a mess. I knew you'd be pleased. ;) Listening to Donavan Frankenreiter- Pass It Around, at the behest of Billsham. Is it Jack Johnson? Is it Ray LaMontagne? Is it the seventies? Not sure yet, but I haven't turned it off yet, so that's a start.

Still covered in sawdust. Bounced back from the first cold in years. Ran a new distance record Friday- 12.11 miles! Next week I'll bump it up a mile and make it the half-marathon mark. Feeling good.
Almost finished with the book Chirunning. I was pretty skeptical at first, but some of it made sense, and after trying it, found it to be very intuitive for me. I keep playing with it, particularly the leaning from the ankles bit. I always thought I was, but with some practice have discovered that I've been leaning from the waist- very hard on the lower back. When I find the ankle lean, everything smooths out, and my speed increases without effort. So far so good.

Sword of Dios is coming along well. The more I carve in straight wood, the more I like it. Fiberglass is fantastic, but often the medium puts it out of reach for some people. Like you, I do hate to tell someone no.
The detail is where this prop is going to really pop. I'm not even finished with the carving, much less bodywork, but I'm looking forward to paint! And it's going to be VERY light while retaining it's strength.

I run again tomorrow morning, but then Monday I'll be back in the shop again, making the push for A.

With a few drinks I think this music would make me cry. Sniff.

Be good to you.


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