Monday, October 18, 2010

Way to Dawn in paint

Friday, December 11, 2009

Way to Dawn, coming along. Can't stop saying that just because it rhymes. Don't you start. You won't be able to stop either. After the initial media failure I fell back to the old habit- fiberglass, or, as some are calling it now- frp- fiber reinforced plastic. Whatever. It's still the best thing for a prop that will outlast your grandchildren's grandchildren. I think we'll be wrapped up by the weekend. Loving the airbrush for this one. Particular shout out to Don, of Airbrush Technique Magazine for his fantastic site. Helped mucho. Thanks as well to Shawn, for being patient with the hiccup. :)

Next up, Star glasses from, well, you know- Gurren Lagann.

Just beginning to think about this one as my head has been swallowed by the WTD. I've found a great source of acrylic, and should be ready to roll by the first of the year. I will be taking a much needed break starting at the beginning of the week, lasting ten to fifteen minutes. Sigh. What else would I be doing? Washing dishes? Fixating on my girl's be-hind? Playing on the Playstation? Okay, a little longer. It'll do me good. Up early this morning, getting ready to head back to the shop and try not to jump every time the compressor fires up, especially while fine-lining with the airbrush! Hate that. :)

Today's your day- kick ass.

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