Monday, October 18, 2010

Fresh Breeze Preview

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fresh Breeze Preview

Heya. I wasn't going to post another update until this was finished, but was so pleased with the colors coming together that I thought I'd indulge. Finally found the copper color I was looking for, although I believe I'll still mix some orange and umber into the final mix. The handle needs textured and blacked, shadows added and then clear clear clear! Near the end of every project I hate them just a little bit, and then as the finish approaches I don't really want it to end either! So I nit-pick, and do a little more work than I plan, just to make it pop. Oh, well, that's part of what makes them. If you perfect something it never happens, so I've learned to rip myself away at the last. That's enough! LET IT GO. Okay, okay.

Nike Sportband+ arrived today! Then it snowed. Ahem... fuck. I am SO through with the snow. Tuesday's run was an exercise in slosh. I stayed dry for the first thirty or forty minutes, but by the end I was running straight through the deeper puddles- it was easier than navigating the melting ice. Friday will be the ten mile mark, bringing the weekly total to fifteen- seventeen if the snow will clear enough. Once I reach twenty for the week I'll hold and just make it faster- I think. Then again, it seems to be overboard or nothing. And yes, like seeing the girls from the corner of your peripheral vision, it's not even the marathon that I am seeing- it the Ultras. Sigh. There's only one way to let me know- knock me down. But I'll be planning even as I'm lifting myself from the ground. Cross your fingers and wish me luck.

The Sword of Dios is on my mind. I've been working on the rose for the butt of the sword, maybe the most defining part- that and the emerald section in the handle. The motorcycle after that, theme based on the Bruce Lee movie Game of Death. Dragons and yellow track suits and Kareem, oh my!

Where do we go from here? Is this the question that we all ask? Every week? Month? Decade? Just figured what to do in Bioshock. Duh. It's hard to think straight when the mad Doc is throwing bombs down on you. The blockade, and the newly found telekinesis... oh, yeah.

Tom Waits is shuffling on the ipod, claiming that angels in heaven sign his name. Another lie, no doubt, after which he will rasp and laugh. Now Phish and the great track Dirt- if you ever think of me- kneel down and kiss the earth and show me what this thought is worth- I'll never hear your voice again. Now instrumental. If I feel you, if you move me, you stay. Now crescendo. Thanks for listening.

Cajun chicken in the oven, making its way toward done. Just got off the phone with a friend that I'm still angry with. Not blazing pissed, mind you, but fatigued with his inability to change, and my own tolerance for putting up with him for so damn long. Love ya, but I can do that from a distance. It'll keep me from kicking your ass or telling you to have a nice life. I used to admire the attitude- fuck you, I'll get my shit together when I'm good and ready. Yeah! But it's not true. What we're really saying is I'm afraid, but don't tell anyone. We'll just stay here and build a wall to shoot from. Fine. Stay for a weekend. Stay for a year. But move on. You have to move on. Or we'll leave you behind.

Not sure what else to tell you tonight. I hope you're doing well, and moving forward with whatever matter to you. Oh, yeah- quote of the week, compliments of Roger Ebert-

"Resentment is like letting someone live rent-free in a room inside your head."


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