Monday, October 18, 2010

Bright Crest of Kingdom Heart's Birth by Sleep/Little Dog Returns

Friday, May 7, 2010

Shopblog/Bright Crest/Little Dog Returns

Heya. First off, I apologize to all of you who've been so kind as to ask for pieces of my work. I balance my schedule very carefully, so as to have the appropriate time for each project. As I often say - I rush nothing. That's why they come out like they do. Well, that, and me. ;) So thanks for thinking of me, and catch me on the next round! Until then, cosplay on.

Here are a few progress pics of Bright Crest, for N. It threw me for a day or two, as, once again, we discover that pics of these things were never meant to be 3d, and so even the tints used to identify heights, depth, etc. are often out of whack- this one was reversed per end. Yup. What's depth on one end is height on the other. I'd take a good look at it and follow the piece- so far so good, until about three-quarters the way down I began to lose sight of it. As you can see that's been worked out! It's funny now. X)

In the first shot you can see the carving beginning to take shape, and the lines defining. In the second pic you can see the 'map' where all the courage comes into play to start carving.

Little Dog is back from the brink and we're glad to have him. They unzipped him quite a bit, but they saved his little ass, and he seems to be well on the mend and back to fireball status. It's been busy here. Little Dog interrupted us for a few days, but we're back on track. I'm ordering pieces for Portgas D. Ace's log pose/compass, and getting ready to turn templates into starter pieces to carve, and to turn clay, wood, and metal sculptures into molds. Whew.

I can hear my son watching the Triplets of Bellville in the other room. If you haven't seen it- treat yourself.
That's all for now. More pics soon as I throw more dust. Be good to you.

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