Monday, October 18, 2010

Kingdom Hearts... business as usual.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Heya! Here's where we're at. Game of Death bike is on temporary hold, so WTD2 gets a bump. Prepped the molds this morning and sprayed gelcoat. The weather is perfect for this today. This afternoon it will be tacky enough to lay glass, and tomorrow I'll demold the pieces, clean and trim them up and begin to fit. Repeat the process for the three bobbles that go along with this, and construct the keyblade. Then, of course, bodywork, bodywork, bodywork, as usual. No paint for this one, so after primer and bodywork we'll finish up with a nice coat of white so that M can bring her own special touch to the project. I'll make S's keychain emblem at the same time, and when his ps3 playing self has a moment of boredom and remembers- I'll be ready.

Ah, what else? Neighbors next door are moving out. Boo. They've been nice, quiet people who kept the place up and minded their own business. On to better things for them. Luck to them.

Garden is swelling with spring, and the trails are abloom with at least a dozen wildflowers from Dutchman's Britches to Virginia Bluebells, Marsh Marigolds and Trout Lilies, Red Trillium, Rue, Spring Beauties, Mayapples, Cut-leafed Toothwort, and others which escape my memory now. Yesterday's run was mostly great! The weather was beautiful. Ran for three hours and broke my trail distance pr by 3.4 miles for a total of 13.45 on trail! Distance is increasing, and I am finding that the real issue is how to fuel myself on these longer runs. Have to become friends with Gatorade or something of the sort- preferably something NOT loaded with sugars as well. Just give me back my electrolytes so I can stop munching on muscle tissue. Otherwise, I come home and have a mild headache, then crash for hours before feeling good again. Must- fuel.

Anything else? Dishes to do, kid's schoolwork to check, seeds to plant, WTD2. I'm rambling. :) It's your day- kick ass.

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