Monday, October 18, 2010

Santa's Tailor, Bright Crest, One piece

Friday, April 23, 2010

Shopblog/Bright Crest

Heya. Here's a long overdo shot of the Santa Belt that I made for someone back in hmmm, Oct./Nov. and finally got a picture of. No major, but here it is. Ho Ho Ho! Merrrrrry Christmas! Boy, that feels weird right now.

Next up is Bright Crest, another keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, Birth by Sleep.

Hardly any reference on this AT ALL. I found four or five good shots. None of them give so much detail as to give much in the way of guidelines but the bare minimum, but that just means a greater freedom of expression. I see great potential with this one. I love the overall butterfly shape of the handle, and the stars that look so much like a five-petaled simple flower. Also seems to be no chain for the charm but a cord. Lots of waves going on, and the paint should be bomb. Here we go, N!

And just behind Bright Crest is a set of props for A, creating your fav firefist. This has been done

a fair amount- maybe because it's easy in some ways, but we're going to make sure that this one stands out, well, like a guy with fire in his hands. The dagger will rock, the log pose/compass will be articulated, and the smileys I just love. I'll relief carve them, then paint. Again with the Push, NV on this one- turned loose to maniac it- right on, love ya for it- that- and 'children's tears' ;) Let's have some fun.

Easy 8 miles on the run today. Found a part of the chi-running form I've not yet nailed- landing my feet behind my core. Big difference. I reached consistent speeds today unrivaled by previous runs- and that's with being sore from working my tush off in the big garden. Uses more core strength, though, as I can tell this evening!

What else? Big Garden kicked my ass. Started the template for Bright Crest today, getting ideas on how to make it fly and fly high. Phish is jamming on shuffle. Food's ready. Waiting for Way to Dawn to land on M's doorstep in the next hour or so- hello, Canada. I think a little Samurai Jack's in order. Be good to you.

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