Monday, October 18, 2010

Way to Dawn of Kingdom Hearts.

Friday, November 27, 2009

First, photos. Story short.
This is where we are now. Backwards order, just for fun.

Several days from paint, the current project- Way to Dawn, failed in the same location as my friend's previous model. Boo. But happy it happened here, instead of there.

Had the paranoia to go ahead and add much work to my plate and mold it. Why sculpt it twice?

Not long after removal from the mold it failed. It is possible the molding may have caused the weakness, but it's a weak physical design. Fine in a game, but needs an eye to become real.

One such request a day. Easy. Why do this? What is it you're after? No real answer. Just keep moving forward.


Looking to move outside of glass work- expand to materials that are greener, it greases all the wheels. Why is glass so great? And what properties might we interpret in another media?

As a kid I read about the enslavement of Israel to Egypt. The Israelites made bricks from mud and straw. Fiber, and a malleable substance that would allowing for forming, by hand or in molds, and then setting into a solid state. Pretty simple concept. Wire in concrete. A wood dowel in the middle of a cardboard cosplay prop.

But for now back to glass. Glad I carved this one, though. It gave me more experience with the media and leaves me with one more choice in crafting. Hope you had a great holiday. Egg rolls are here. :)

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