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Cosplay Prop Request/FAQ

I love the sound of a candy-pile dumped on the kitchen table.
They say that our perception of time is skewed, and that past present and future are not separate. This makes it sound as though trick or treat never ends. I like the feel of that.

Be who you want.

The BEST prop at your con.

Epic photo-shoot.
It starts here.

Short FAQ, and then fill out the quote request.

IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 I cannot enter a legally binding contract with you, so get a parent or legal guardian to do so on your behalf.

Our correspondence becomes our contract.  Make sure to read the FAQ.  

I ask 50% of the total commission price for materials and starting work, with the remaining balance due on completion. I start work when your down payment is received and clears. Once I begin work there are no refunds.

I use Money Orders for payment.

You have eight weeks after the balance is billed to send your remaining payment, after that both deposit and prop are forfeit.

Once a piece is in progress you will find updates and pics on Buster Cleveland.

I ship via UPS ground.  If you would like to purchase insurance please let me know before the final payment.  I build my own boxes and pack them well.  After it leaves my door it's out of my hands.

Quotes are good for 30 days.  

Prop Quote Request

Fill out all fields and copy and paste into the body of an email with Prop Quote Request in the subject header to





-Zip code:

-Do you have a cosplay profile, deviant, or other homepage? Show off by posting your links here!

-How did you find your way here?

-Are you a University student?

-What cons do you attend, and what distance do you travel to get there?

-Character (& version if applicable):
-Reference pics:
-Convention date/deadline:

Okay! Give me up to a week to touch back. Luck!

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