Friday, October 29, 2010

Chrome and Fire, Happy Halloween!

Heya!  It's almost Halloween!  Around here, just like your place, that means I'm stepping into high gear for last minute decorations and creations.  I think we're hitting a record of four costume events this weekend for the continued cosplaying of Pirate Hunter Zoro, of One Piece, Luna Lovegood, from Harry Potter, and the ninth Doctor, of Doctor Who.  I has a Sonic Screwdriver.  What's your name, again?  Fantastic.  Run for your life! 
The Sunflower Totem is coming along nicely.  It may actually be finished.  There's a huge list of things to do before party zero, so today and tomorrow will be the essentials of the list and then pick up whatever else I can.  I still have pumpkins to carve!  What a slacker!  Full pics, video of the burning, and description of the finished  project will follow in a post with the working title of 'Evolution of a Sunflower'. 

The shop is an absolute mess, strewn with baby doll parts, sunflower leavings, foam, tools, etc.  So today's the day folks!  It's your day, too!  Kick ass!

A pot of coffee's on the brew, and I'm gearing up to create the Shell Bullet from  s-CRY-ed (スクライド

 Should be a super fun build from the armored shoulder to clawed hand, and the three back/shoulder wings.  A mixture of craft foam, carved foam, resin topped and painted.  Gotta love the common theme of props that are a representation of the character's soul.  Again, it's your day- kick ass.

Coffee's on, I'm on, you're on or you wouldn't be here.
Be good to you.

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