Monday, October 18, 2010

Santa's Cosplay Workshop

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Santa's workshop

Out this morning before the sun. Firing things up in the shop, letting the compressor chug it's way to ready for action while I head back to the house to make coffee and check emails.

Ambitious requests for costume pieces and chess moves to answer. JustAlex is likely going to kill me in one game, while Richard O is absent from his games due to illness. Terriers are great nursemaids- get well soon. I will not resign from my game with JustAlex- I will fight with my king. Wanna fight? Come on, let's.

Finishing and molding some pieces today- emblem from Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Keyblade, and Santa's belt buckle. That's right. I am Santa's tailor. He want to pay, even after I told him it was a favor. Call it a X-mas gift for Santa, and all the chilluns, yo. If he becomes a pain and insists on paying I'll slap him with fair-market. Careful, fat man, or I'll take a page from your checkbook. Check that twice.

The sun came up while I worked. The new ipod transmitter is bringing good music and podcasts into the shop now- very pleased with that. Beautiful day shaping up outside. I'll be back out for liquid waxing on the molds-to-be and then spray them in tooling gel. Have a great day.

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