Monday, October 18, 2010

Idaho, Kingdom Hearts, Gelcoat, Full Metal Alchemist, Deadpool, Tardis... I got more....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heya. Back from vaca and still worn down! Lol. Went out West, farmed out by family to play ranch hand for a week. Mended fence, wrestled goats, trimmed hooves, painted chicken coop, scared chickens, repaired tractors, cleared ground, and enjoyed family, horses, goats, llamas, and more. Whew. And while I was gone time kept on moving. I was very aware of this before, so got the current project to molding before leaving. So I guess I can't blame vaca- I was tired before I left! :)

Above you see Oblivion in mold with the cradle (support) along the sides. This keeps the mold straight. The FRP heats up and can sometimes warp a lengthy mold. No reason to be able to point around corners ;)

Then a shot of the two mold halves for Oblivion after they've been separated, the model popped and broken away, and cleaned up. Tried some new methods on this one, from using a plasticine for details, to making the overall piece as a mixed media piece without any intention of trying to retain the model. If the model stays intact (rarely) then it might be stable enough to refinish and sell as an original in wood. Oathkeeper managed to do this. The Oblivion model was designed to break away, and break away it did. Nice in one sense- there was no sculpting of the chain- yay! But it also meant that the individual pieces came away from the mold one at a time, making for a much greater cleanup- ug. I also noted that although the plasticine seems like it should be easier to sculpt, and faster, too- it's not. Not for me. I've become so comfortable with the wood carving it's easier and faster to produce most models straight from wood. It was worth a shot, doesn't change the end piece, and I learned some new things- always worth it.

The last pic is a detail shot of the tip end of the Oblivion mold. Now on to both sets today for the omg coat after coat of wax. They'll be bright and shiny soon. The gelcoat for the outer surface, and FRP. Hoping to have pieces to construct by midweek!
Looking ahead, a set of Maes Hughe's push daggers, from Full Metal Alchemist, and beyond that we're looking at blades from Deadpool.

On my own projects I'm really hoping to create a Tardis door cover for Halloween. The idea is to use a security sensor and a light so that when the screen door is opened, the light will flash and the 'sound of the universe' will be heard. Chant with me- OhwhatadorkIammmm.

Be good to you.

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