Monday, October 18, 2010

Calling Sora

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nov. 1 Shopblog

Kingdom Keyblade is finished and ready for Sora. Shop’s finally cleaned up from Halloween. I think we’re going to lose the large tikis. There’s just been too much rain- they’re soft and the fibers have separated- might be able to salvage the features or make a dirty/quick mold. I’ve been looking to experiment with paper mache and fiber anyway. At least I can move around in here again. I have a multitude of projects from friends and the house. The Hummer sign needs a little more work and then on to molding, but it’s on hold until the current project is finished.

Started the Way to Dawn, Rikku’s keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. Looking good so far- lots o dust!

Party was a blast. Lots o folks I haven’t seen for a long time. It was nice to sit back and watch them reconnect and take pictures. There are a lot of them having a hard time right now. It’s tough to see.

Yesterday I overheard a conversation between two strangers. They’d been at their workplaces about nine and ten years each., which caught my attention since my situation is similar. The one guy was laid off, his wife followed suit a month later, they lost their vehicle, and then three days later their furnace died. When it rains it pours.

I had a running partner buy my breakfast this morning. I appreciate that, and the fact that you keep me running. Some of us are roughing it, in the thick of it personally. A condition of the mind, but no less hurtful. Feeling betrayed, uncertain, brave but because there’s nothing else to do. All our expectations dashed, without a clue. All you can do is move forward, and put your hand to what you can.

It’s nearing seven, and the sun has set without me. Time for me to get out of here and go see what’s for dinner. I’m the cook, yo. I think tonight’s tortillas with salsa verde, and I’m going eat it all if Mike doesn’t come back after it.

You want revenge? Succeed.

Let it go.

Go eat dinner.

Go love your family.

And let me know what you want to see next.

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