Monday, October 18, 2010

"Friends don't suspect friends- they turn them in."-Brazil/ Birth by Sleep

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update. Keyblade Fresh Breeze coming along. Very pleased with the progress on this one. Time for bodywork and nit-picking. After that paint and clear. Fini! I am hoping to wrap it this weekend, but it may take another week, depending on the level of anal retentiveness.

Sword of Dios following, another project I’m looking forward to. Almost have the template for that finished. Then back to moto-sport stuff with custom fairing work for a Bruce Lee/Dragon bike. There’s little imagination in the local bike world- let’s see about that. And furthest down the Road- a Jack Kerouac/Route 66 mural for an rv. You guys are crazy, but we’re good company.

Lessee… what else? Way too much snow for us Ohioans. I’ve begun to wonder if someone will pay me to do all this shoveling. I know, but I can dream.

Just started BioShock- beware of Big Daddy- and so far favor the wrench. Lightning from the hands is cools, too, although with the first round of Scaries I’m pretty sure it came from my ass. I blame the phone ringing at the same time. For those with any Steampunk tendencies I highly recommend BioShock so far. Very Brazil, with propaganda posters and ads along the way you can’t pass on stopping to read.

From me to you.

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